Thank you for your interest in Primetime Power Radio. Listed below are common questions in regards to our services.

What is the turnaround response time once a join request has been sent? 24 hours. In most cases much sooner.

What format should my audio file be? MP3 format @ 128 kbps

How should files be sent? You will be provided a Google Drive Share Folder link where you will be able to upload your file(s).

What naming convention should the audio file have? SHOWNAME_MMDDYY.mp3

What is the deadline to submit the audio file? Two business days prior to your slot plan day/time.

When will a renewal billing be sent out? Sent via e-mail 1 week prior to the last paid week covered in the slot plan. Renewal payment needs to be paid 24 hours before your next scheduled broadcast.

How can I submit a payment? We will send an invoice or you can go to https://primetimepowerradio.com/payment, pick the slot plan you have or cashapp us using $primetimepowerradio.

If I miss my payment date or it is late, will my broadcast still play? All payments require a pre-payment before service is rendered. Unfortunately there are no exceptions.

Do you allow live broadcast on your radio station? Currently we are only accepting recorded audio to play. We do have plans to broadcast live shows as well in the future. We will provide an update once we make the change.

Have additional questions? E-mail us at info@primetimepowerradio.com