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The Primetime Power Show which first aired on September 2014 is the flagship show of Primetime Power Radio. The show is available to listen to live weekly on Thursdays @ 7 PM EST. The show features radio personalities Derrick May, Tiffany Joyner, Dr. Christina Williams and Rev. Dr. Leroy Pendleton. The long tenure radio show has over 300 shows.

Primetime Power Show

Show Description

The purpose of the Primetime Power Show is to help inform, motivate, teach, encourage and be
witnesses for God to spread the good news so that others may be impacted by his power so that he can
be primary in the lives of his people.

The show also features interviews with local and national figures, discussion of social, current events and community focused issues.

Show Contacts

Website: primetimepowershow.com
E-mail: pps@primetimepowershow.com
Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube